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Take Me To The River

TAKE ME TO THE RIVER By Christopher C. Wuensch Hilton Head Magazine – July, 2012 AUTHOR’S NOTE: Christopher C. Wuensch and Scott Salisbury spent the summer of 2009 following the members ...


Escape From Libya

Former Arizona Wildcat Mohamed Tangara leaves his pro hoops dreams behind in a mad dash out of war-torn Libya. March 3, 2011 Contrary to the first four letters in ...

Photo Illustration. Baseball fever is back. Can you catch it?

Blogs & Social Media of Christopher C. Wuensch

BLOGS “Bear Down & Blog!” The official blog of Christopher C. Wuensch. BD&B examines many aspects of Tucson and University of Arizona athletics, but specializes in covering Wildcat alumni, specifically how Arizona Nation uses the burgeoning ...

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A Test Of Life

Runner Rebuilding Life in Oro Valley While Fighting Doping Allegations  … … ...
UA Gnome

Gnome Sweet Gnome

There are many times in a man’s life when he’s forced to ...
Marsh Tacky

Horsing Around on Hilton Head

Horse racing returns to the beaches of South Carolina after a 42-year ...

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Have Franchise, Will Travel

With a heavy, metallic clamor like that of a locking prison door, the gate of the moving truck slams shut. The smell of diesel fumes licks the air as the U-Haul fires up its engine and rattles down the road. Before long it disappears onto one of America’s many clogged arterial highways. And you’re left […]

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Yogi Tweet

Designated Twitter: Verifying the Game’s Greats

Pete Rose is familiar with the scorn that accompanies being jilted. The sting of exclusion is still certainly fresh for Jim Rice — despite the backing of 6,521 people. Think less Cooperstown and more Twitter-verse. It’s here where a player such as Los Angeles Angels’ sophomore third baseman Mark Trumbo — with his 6,498 fewer career hits than Rice and Rose combined — has something […]

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Goodbye Dodgertown

Years after breaking the hearts of Brooklyn, the Dodgers packed their bats and gloves and relocated once again, this time eschewing Vero Beach, Fla., home of Dodgertown, for the desert of Arizona… IT’S IMPOSSIBLE to surmise the history of Major League Baseball’s Dodgers without using the term “heartbreak.” Perennial bridesmaids, the Dodger’s and their fans championed […]

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Life On Her Feet

It was down a quail-riddled cul-de-sac in the Northwest, aptly named Magic Place, where Jessica Cox grew up like any other kid – a dancer at age six, high board diving daredevil as a teenager and a two-time black belt by the time she finished college. A typical childhood by most standards with one exception: […]

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Slier Than The Fox

There’s a biting cold to the morning as 40 foxhounds nervously scour the frost-laden ground at Palmetto Bluff’s Longfield Stables. Something is out there, but their horse-bound masters won’t allow them to jaunt off to find out exactly what lurks in the nearby wilderness. For now, they’re confined to a tight pack and allowed to […]

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Hot Dog

Food For Sport: You Are What You Comp-eat

I like to think that Arizona track-and-field jumps coach Sheldon Blockburger is a good time at barbeques. Or that, at the very least, he’s got splendid cholesterol levels. I suspect pancake blocks in football aren’t as delicious as they sound. And I’m quite certain that I never want to eat a bat donut — be […]

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Play On, Words Blue Logo

Quips & Quibbles, Bad Jokes & Mind Dribbles…

  A collection of puns and one-liners aimed at poking fun at the foibles of the English language. To wit:   Woke last night from a dream about a Sea Cow Balloon crashing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade when someone yelled “Oh, the huge manatee!” — Christopher Wuensch (@chrisCwuensch) March 26, 2012 A: Ellipsis S. […]

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Alone In The Woods

It took some clever posturing but Vijay Viswanathan finally settled himself into the hunting blind located on an 8,000 acre quail-hunting plantation on the outskirts of Yemassee. To an unsuspecting deer, the demure blind looks like nothing more than a 5-foot tall, robust shrub. For Viswanathan, it’s a voluntary, 4-foot-long by- 5-foot-wide prison and the […]

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The official blog of Christopher C. Wuensch BEAR DOWN & BLOG!

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